I Am Atlanta 4Ever - Gorilla Zoe
I Am Atlanta 4Ever
Gorilla Zoe
RELEASED: February 23, 2019
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1 Gorilla Zoe - Neva Cap 2:32
2 Gorilla Zoe - Possessed 3:09
3 Gorilla Zoe - What It Is Pt. 2 2:49
4 Gorilla Zoe - Talk To Me 3:04
5 Gorilla Zoe - Built Like Me 3:33
6 Gorilla Zoe - Mr. Popalot 2:59
7 Gorilla Zoe - R.A.N 2:40
8 Gorilla Zoe - Nasty Girl 3:00
9 Gorilla Zoe - Around Da World 3:06
10 Gorilla Zoe - Outta My Mind 3:27

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  • It's nice. I fuck with it 4 1 reason - Money Man. I know Zoe jumped in the game mainstream b4 Money Man, but this ain't never been Zoe flow. Every since Money Man bought his self out his Cash Money contract, it's like he got black balled out the main stream. I know every good artist gotta reinvent they self at some point, but Money Man either did some ghost writing on here, or Zoe biting. They both from Atlanta. This shit just got to much much Money Man sound on it, but outside that - Zaytoven bring the best out a artist, and he my favorite producer. So I downloaded

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