I Swear To God - Blac Youngsta (Cocaine Muzik Group)
I Swear To God
Blac Youngsta (Cocaine Muzik Group)
RELEASED: September 24, 2015
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1 Blac Youngsta - Swear To God 4:01
2 Blac Youngsta - Shoot Me 3:09
3 Blac Youngsta - Heavy (Feat. Yo Gotti) 5:04
4 Blac Youngsta - Stupid MF 2:50
5 Blac Youngsta - One Bedroom House 3:34
6 Blac Youngsta - Bowbowbow 3:20
7 Blac Youngsta - I Remember 4:01
8 Blac Youngsta - Double OG 3:30
9 Blac Youngsta - All These Bitches Want Me 3:03
10 Blac Youngsta - Codeine 2:57
11 Blac Youngsta - Away From Me 4:14
12 Blac Youngsta - Like Dis 3:31
13 Blac Youngsta - Whole Life 3:03
14 Blac Youngsta - Real Nigga 3:03
15 Blac Youngsta - CMG 3:44
16 Blac Youngsta - Foreva Eva (Yo Gotti Feat. Blac Youngsta) 3:47
17 Blac Youngsta - Good Die Young (Yo Gotti Feat. Boosie & Blac Youngsta) 4:00

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  • If it wasn’t for the music... shit world I’m tripping my whole studio locked in the car,thanks for the swift return of a smile but these motherfucking playful level up with anger and level down with a cute smile saying I ain’t said shit but all the time a fucking wolve. A torrent or wind and refusal to attest or affirm she the one with the voice but I honor that...fuck that. Is it worth the attempt to gain trust and infiltration is a per day risk. I feel ya but it’s music way of find a way out our souls....

  • I come as I am I am as I come I come as Mississippi Stone Riding alone ain’t gotta look or come back... it’s off into the trenches and I ain’t asking for shit that I can’t in return become a company members. This or these thoughts can ducking frame a nigga in his sleep. This motherfucker talking at low monotone recording pillow talk. Answering questions pretending to be me. Do I beat this bitch for aid and assistance I’m mad as hell right now...inches from making this thought leave hear buck naked walking. But I’m a Big Homie the good would laugh to loud.

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